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Our Staff




At Envizion Medical, we say: "Yes, you can!" 

It is our mission to inspire and encourage our patients to reach their fullest potential. Our staff strives to create an inviting environment where you feel welcomed and supported. We know that changing your lifestyle is a process that takes time and commitment, and our staff will work with you to find the nutrition and medication combinations that work best for you! Our mission at Envizion Medical is to see you reach your goals and live your happiest, healthiest life.

Drew Saphos 
Director of Operations / Owner

Kathleen Vaes
Director of Administration / Owner

Brian Liguori 
General Manager


Senior Office Coordinator – Hormone Therapy

Heather - Wellness Coach, CNA

Associate of Arts, Nutrition and Wellness

Wellness Coach




Wellness Coach


Patient Care Coordinator


Patient Care Coordinator



Patient Care Coordinator