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Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile Dysfunction (E.D) is a topic that is rarely spoken about between men!

Envizion medical can treat erectile dysfunction with:

  • Viagra
  • Cialis
  • Boosting low Testosterone
  • Reducing Estrogen Levels
  • Penile Injection
  • Or a combination thereof

Erectile Dysfunction

The loss of sex drive and or the inability to achieve a full erection has surprisingly affected over 70% of the male population, often starting around the age of 30. Many men assume Viagra and Cialis are their only option to help regain a full erection. These pills can be highly effective for some men…But for others it’s not enough and we have solutions at Envizion Medical! What these drugs lack is the ability to bring back the DESIRE FOR SEX and the ENERGY needed for sex. In addition to treating E.D. with Viagra or Cialis at Envizion we offer a blood panel designed to help a man determine if hormones could also help him achieve full erections, the energy, and the desire for sex. By boosting your hormones to the level they were right before you noticed changes in your penis’s firmness and or ability to ejaculate, you can bring back what you took for granted in your youth. From an evolutionary standpoint, humans were only expected to have a life span from 30-40 years, and therefore hormones needed for sexual participation or ability to climax on a regular basis drops off at this age. Due to stress, toxicity, and natural aging most adult males are living in a state of depleted hormones starting the age of 30.

Erectile dysfunction does not mean that a man cannot acheive an erection. E.D. often means the erection is soft and not as pleasurable or the erection will subside before the man is able to ejaculate.

Types of Erectile Dysfunction Envizion can treat:

  • Soft Erection – still hard enough for penetration
  • Erection that does not last long enough to achieve ejaculation
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • No Erection

Symptoms Envizion Medical treats associated with Erectile Dysfunction:

  • No desire for sex
  • No desire for masturbation
  • Soft Erections
  • No Erections
  • No Energy for Sex
  • Ability to hold an erection long enough for climax to occur

If you have not suffered from penile issues in the past, don’t let others tell you your erectile dysfunction is due to mental or emotional issues. Also don’t let Fatigue, stress, anxiety or depression keep you from an active sex life.. These issues can often be relieved with bringing testosterone levels up and estrogen levels down into normal range.

With the help of our doctors at Envizion Medical, men will be educated on treatments that relate to their issues. Certain medicines and illnesses may have contributed to your erectile dysfunction. Once the cause is found, we’ll provide the best medicine for you.
Are you ready to address your erectile dysfunction in the safest way possible?

We have the safest, most effective erectile dysfunction medicine available. We also understand the importance of being discrete. Our staff understands this is a touchy subject and your consult and treatment is completely confidential.

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We look forward to helping you feel better, look younger, and lose weight.

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