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Sexual Dysfunction


Sexual dysfunction is common in men and women, particularly as they get older. Still, many men and women will fail to seek treatment, because they do not feel comfortable addressing their symptoms with their doctors. If you are among the many people in the Tampa Bay area experiencing sexual dysfunction—whether it’s related to a lack of sexual desire or a physical inability to perform—Envizion Medical can help you restore your sexual performance with safe, effective treatment that is tailored to your needs. Our doctors treat men and women struggling with sexual dysfunction, and we will offer the utmost professionalism and discretion in your care.

Male Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction in men, also referred to as erectile dysfunction or ED, may coincide with certain medical conditions, a decline in testosterone production, or stress and toxicity. Because there are so many possible causes for ED, it’s important to utilize blood tests to measure hormone levels and consider the individual’s health history in the diagnosis. If a hormonal imbalance—specifically a decline in testosterone—is the cause of ED, hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, may be recommended. HRT may utilize topical creams, injectable hormones, or oral medication. Men may also benefit from oral medications like Viagra and Cialis, which act immediately to stimulate arousal.

Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female arousal can be more difficult to assess than male arousal, but sexual dysfunction is a real problem in many women, and it is just as treatable as it is in men. Treatment for female sexual dysfunction at Envizion Medical will include a medical assessment with a complete hormonal analysis. Women going through menopause and women with other causes of hormonal deficiencies may be prescribed HRT, which will be tailored to each patient’s unique needs. In addition, women may use medications like Viagra, which correct the physical problem of inadequate blood flow to the genital region. In the same way that Viagra increases blood flow to the penis to cause an erection, it increases blood flow to the vagina to promote arousal and possibly increase sensitivity. By working with a physician who is experienced in treating sexual dysfunction, you can explore the benefits of many treatment options, including those you may not realize are available to you.

At Envizion Medical, we are dedicated to providing our patients with a variety of anti-aging solutions, including hormone therapy and sexual dysfunction treatment. For the compassionate care you deserve, visit our website to request a consultation at our Land O’ Lakes clinic.

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