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Interview with Dr. Michael Garko of the popular radio show “Let’s Talk Nutrition”

Radio Interview: Kathleen Vaes and Mark Antonek by Dr. Michael Garko of “Let’s Talk Nutrition”

Subject: Successful Aging

Dr. Michael Garko of the popular “Let’s Talk Nutrition” radio show that is heard every weekday from 2 to 4 PM online and on AM 1250 WHNZ in the Tampa area interviewed Envizion Medical owner Kathleen Vaes and Mark Antonek, Health Nutrition Coach for Envizion, at the Vitamin’s Discount Store Health and Wellness Fair in St Petersburg on February 24, 2012.

Dr. Garko interview them about some of the services that they offer including issues of hormone replacement therapy, weight loss programs, allergy testing, HCG diet treatment, appetite suppressants, B12 injections, treatment for erectile dysfunction as well as other personal wellness treatments that are offered at the Envizion Medical Clinic under medical supervision.

They discussed the effects of successful aging by the use of hormone replacement therapy, weight loss and other personal wellness treatment for both men and women that is changing people’s lives for the better and helping them to feel better, look and feel younger and live longer and more productive lives.

They introduced the benefits of using bio-identical hormones that are designed to match your own body’s hormones.

They pointed out that the treatments are very gentle, and in fact, for a woman it may be simply using a cream that they rub between their thighs in the morning and for a man it may be an injection of testosterone.

They discussed the use of Semorelin to boost the natural growth of a man’s hormone production by stimulating the pituitary gland resulting in his own body producing the hormones for which he may be deficient.

They also discussed possible treatment with human growth hormones as well and the possible benefits that can result for men for both types of treatments.

To hear the actual podcast, please click here .

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We look forward to helping you feel better, look younger, and lose weight.

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