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HCG Diet


If you are trying to lose weight, it can be discouraging to follow a program that only yields 1-2 pounds of weight loss each week. The HCG Diet is different, since it will have you burning fat much faster than you would with traditional diet programs, allowing you to reap more rewards for all your hard work. At Envizion Medical, the HCG Diet is one of many weight loss programs we offer, and it is one of the most effective weight loss options out there. Still, it’s important to recognize that this diet is not a miracle weight loss solution, and it will still require strict dedication and dietary restriction—it will just provide results much quicker than you might expect.

What to Expect with the HCG Diet

The HCG Diet takes place in phases, with the drastic weight loss occurring in a 28- or 40-day cycle. While you are dieting, you will take small daily injections in the abdomen, which will contain HCG. This hormone will tell the body to burn more of its own fat as you follow a highly specific diet with strict portion sizes. It also helps to preserve lean muscle mass, so all the weight you lose is excess fat.

  • 28-day and 40-day cycles – HCG is only effective for limited periods, as the body will get used to injections over time, and weight loss will stagnate. That’s why the diet takes place in cycles, which are set in 28-day or 40-day increments.
  • Strict dietary restrictions – Each phase of the HCG Diet will involve a strict diet plan that our doctor and medical support staff will review with you in detail. There are very specific foods you should and shouldn’t eat, and deviating from these guidelines can be detrimental to your efforts.
  • Dramatic weight loss – You might see up to a 10% loss in body fat over a 4-week period, and results will be sustained with follow-up care in our clinic. Though you will be excited to show off your new body, you’ll also need to know how to keep the weight off for good. Following through with the stabilization phase after your diet is just as important as losing the weight during the diet.

How to Maintain Your Results

Once you’ve achieved your goal weight, you will enter the final phase of the HCG diet—stabilization. During this phase, you can increase your caloric intake, but you’ll still need to avoid processed foods and natural sources of starch and sugar. Allowing your body this period of transition will let you get used to your new weight and avoid bouncing back to your pre-diet weight. Following this 3-week period, you can adjust to a normal diet that can adapt to any lifestyle.

For detailed information on HCG-supported weight loss, contact Envizion Medical for an appointment. We’ll tailor your weight loss program to your needs, taking your total picture of health into account.

Real Patient Results

After 2 cycles of HCG over 60 days, this patient lost 20 pounds of fat and gained over a half pound in lean muscle mass.

Day 1 – 210 pounds

Day 30 – 196 pounds

Day 60 – 191 pounds