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Weight Loss Programs


Find Out Why Our Physician Supervised Comprehensive Program Will Succeed For You When So Many Other Programs Have Failed

Many weight loss programs succeed for a short period of time while you are “dieting” and following a rigid plan that you cannot wait to get finished.

But what usually happens is you have been so miserable during the process of losing weight that shortly after you have lost all of your weight you go back to your old ways, or even worse, you diet and struggle to lose weight but never even get the satisfaction of a temporary success.

This is because most weight loss programs do not address a total and individually personalized weight loss solution.

Weight Loss with Hormone Therapy

80% of people have unbalanced hormones which contribute to their inability to lose weight, evenwhen following a good diet. Often when these hormones are properly balanced, people start losing weight even BEFORE they start a diet.

At Envizion Medical we individually address and constantly monitor and adapt a specialized program specifically designed to your individual needs involving not only weight loss, but youthful aging, hormone replacement therapy and your personal wellness which involves a life plan that evolves and changes with the changes of your life.

By approaching everyone as a true individual and recognizing that weight loss, youthful aging, hormone replacement therapy and the very subject of your personal wellness is not just a date on a calendar but is a lifelong process, we develop a totally individualized program that grows and changes with the way your life changes and evolves.

No two people are alike and as a result no two programs will be alike. No one ever stays exactly the same and as a result your personalized program will constantly change based on the changes in your life.

Because we recognize that this is a lifelong commitment on your part, we realize that you have to be the center of the success of your personalize program.

For this reason, from the moment that we sit down with you the first time we do not just weigh and measure you, we extensively talk with you and discuss your personality, objectives, strengths and limitations. We do extensive workups checking you both internally, externally and emotionally.

Furthermore, as you progress through your personalized program we continue to do extensive workups in all three areas to monitor changes in your physiology, and emotional successes and struggles to modify the program as needed to adapt to your actual personality and physical makeup.

Because proper hormone balance is so critical to everyone’s well-being, we constantly monitor your hormone structure to insure that not only are you losing weight, but that you are sleeping better, you are having more energy during the day, and not feeling fatigued all of the time. Many of our patients tell us that their anxiety and depression is eliminated when we do the hormone replacement therapy on their behalf.

This is not surprising because our hormones control virtually every aspect of our life; our physical makeup as well as our emotional well-being.

Furthermore, because hormone balance is so critical to the very functioning of our bodies, once we start hormone therapy and start getting your body back to the way it was when you were young, most people experience weight loss even before they start dieting.

This is because as we age and our hormones get unbalanced it throws off all sorts of body functions critical to maintaining and losing weight and fatty pockets in our body. Thus when your hormones are properly balanced and your body is properly functioning as it should, your natural processes take over and you start to lose your excess weight naturally.

But you not only lose weight but more importantly you keep it off. Nothing is more discouraging than working hard to lose weight only to stop a strict diet and then see all of the weight you lost come right back; and usually much faster than when you lost it. Our program helps you to eliminate this vicious cycle.

Because of this, when we develop your eating strategy to help you lose additional weight, because of the hormone replacement therapy specifically designed to your exact personal needs, you will find it much easier to follow our diet plan for you.

In our extensive review of your personal likes and dislikes, we carefully design your eating schedule and dietary structure to best suit your likes, dislikes, strengths and limitations when it comes to eating.

If you are a late night person, we adjust your dietary plan to compensate for your personal habits and to insure that your program is a complete success.

And yes, that old vim and vigor related to sex drive will come back like you never could have expected. You will feel alive and revitalized like you never thought possible!

So call 813-563-3806 today!

We look forward to helping you feel better, look younger, and lose weight.